• people-smt-faculty-Chen-Jer-Ming-small-126x150
    Senior Lecturer Science, Mathematics and Technology (SMT)
  • istd-faculty-binbin-chen-2021-126x150
    Associate Professor Information Systems Technology and Design (ISTD) 5G / 6G, Cloud Computing, Communications and Connectivity, Critical Infrastructure Security, Cybersecurity, Digitalisation, Edge Intelligence and Computing, Energy, Internet of Things / IOT, Networked and Autonomous System, Networked and Autonomous Systems, Networks, Resilient Infrastructure, Secure Computing, Secure Computuing, Sensors, Smart Facilities Management, Smart Grids, Smart Nation, Software Design, Systems Security, Telecommunication Systems, Trust Technologies, Wireless Networks
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    Adjunct Lecturer Architecture and Sustainable Design (ASD)
  • hass-faculty-cheng-nien-yuan-2023-126x150
    Faculty Early Career Award Fellow Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences (HASS) Arts, Humanities, Social Sciences
  • istd-faculty-ngai-man-cheung-2021-126x150
    Associate Professor & Associate Head of Pillar (Education) Information Systems Technology and Design (ISTD) Artificial and Augmented Intelligence, Computer Vision, Cybersecurity, Data Science, Deep Learning, Digital Health, Edge Intelligence and Computing, Energy Efficient Data Centres, Machine Learning, Trust Technologies, Visual Computing
  • faculty_blank
    Adjunct Assistant Professor Architecture and Sustainable Design (ASD)
  • faculty-smt-ching-chee-leong-126x150
    Lecturer Science, Mathematics and Technology (SMT)
  • asd-faculty-chong-keng-hua-126x150
    Associate Professor & Collaboration and Social Programme Coordinator Architecture and Sustainable Design (ASD) Architectural History, Theory and Criticism, Sustainable Design Science, Social Architecture, Architectural Design, Urban Planning, Architectural Information Management
  • istd-faculty-ernest-chong-2021-126x150
    Assistant Professor Information Systems Technology and Design (ISTD) Algorithms, Artificial Intelligence / AI, Artificial and Augmented Intelligence, Computing Theory, Data Science, Deep Learning, Edge Intelligence and Computing, Federated Learning, Machine Learning, Networked and Autonomous Systems, Optimisation
  • istd-faculty-kenny-choo-2021-126x150
    Assistant Professor Information Systems Technology and Design (ISTD) Visual Computing, Interactive Computing, Artificial Intelligence / AI, Digital Health, Early Diagnosis and Intervention, Immersive Media, Interactive Computing, Internet of Things / IOT, Machine Learning, Preventive Health, Socio-behavioural Science, Visual Computing
  • christie
  • epd-faculty-chua-chee-kai-2024-126x150
    Professor, Associate Provost for Research and Cheng Tsang Man Chair Professor Engineering Product Development (EPD) Additive Manufacturing