Student Organisations and Fifth Row

Fifth Row

Co-curricular activities, also known as Fifth Row activities in SUTD are an important aspect of the holistic education of our students. From the start, we have strived to provide students with opportunities to develop holistically, to their fullest potential, and to promote campus vibrancy. 

One of these platforms is the support and guidance we provide to all the SUTD Clubs and Interest Groups. There are over 75 student groups on campus, and they are grouped into 5 clusters:

  • Arts
  • Community
  • Sports
  • Culture
  • Makers

Check out the Fifth Row directory for the full list. Also, find out more about .

Student Government

The Student Government serves you and upholds your interests. Our members act as welfare custodians, bringing students, staff and faculty together through effective communication. We are the catalyst for Student Initiatives, encouraging spontaneity and breaking convention. We also work hand-in-hand with all the student clubs to promote the growth of the students as well as the development of their ideas and passion.

To foster strong synergy amongst the deeply diverse groups, the student clubs are categorised into five clusters led by cluster representatives. The clusters are arts, culture, community, makers and sports.

Contact us at media_marketing@studentgov.sutd.edu.sg

Student Organisation

Student Organisation Handbook

The Student Organisation Handbook outlines the general guidelines for organising activities and events. For more information please refer .

Any student organisation that wishes to organise an event/activity will have to submit the Event Proposal Form (EPF). For more information please refer . 

Student Organisation Finance Guidelines

The Student Organisation Finance Guidelines provide the procedures that all clubs are to adhere to in order to ensure appropriate financial governance. All clubs are to be familiar with the processes and guidelines mentioned in the document. For more information please refer .

Student Groups

Besides the above student clubs managed by the Office of Student Life together with the Student Government, there are also other Fifth Row groups managed independently by the various departments such as: 

  • Design Odyssey