Design 101

    Curious about design?
    Find out how it is relevant to the everyday future with this video.

  • PRH-MITcurriculum

    Interdisciplinary programmes developed by MIT

    • Interdisciplinary curriculum and research

    • Unique cohort-based learning approach based on design-thinking

    • Hands-on with a focus on real-world application

  • "SUTD's multi-disciplinary approach to design and architecture is its key differentiator. Working together with other programmes extends the toolkit and repertoire of an architect, to create tightly integrated and innovative new solutions."

    Jonathan Ng, SUTD alumnus (ASD)
    Master of Architecture student at Havard Graduate School of Design

  • Choose a Major after 1 year

    Exposure across disciplines during your Freshmore year (first three terms) before selecting one of the 5 interdisciplinary majors.

  • PRH-parenttestimonial

    "When looking for universities, a lot of people tend not to go for one that is new. After sending my son to SUTD, I find that it has everything, every ingredient, to be a good university. So if parents are looking for a different way of learning (for your child), SUTD is a good choice with its cross-disciplinary curriculum and emphasis on innovation, creativity and design. This will broaden your child’s education. 

    My son has developed into a better person. SUTD has groomed him to be a man who is able to look into problems in many perspectives. He will be a very good engineer, and be able to excel in his profession and his contribution to the society."

    Parents of Joshua Cheong, ISTD, Class of 2015
    Digital Innovation Lead, Assistant Vice President, Citi Commercial Bank

  • Special Programmes.

    Find out how SUTD's complementing special courses also allow every SUTD graduate to turn their design and technology skills into entrepreneurial, medicine and research opportunities.


    Highest starting salary and strong demand

    across surveyed universities.
    Source: 2022 Graduate Employment Survey (GES) conducted by NUS, NTU, SMU, SUTD, SIT and SUSS.
    1 Mean gross monthly salary
    2 Overall employment rate

  • "SUTD's unique multi-disciplinary curriculum gives their graduates an edge in integrated solution and systems thinking, especially important under the changing aviation landscape."

    Mr Yam Kum Weng, Executive Vice President, Airport Development, Changi Airport Group

    • "During the course of 16 weeks, I was attached to the Worldwide Public Sector Specialty Team in Amazon Web Services (AWS) as a Solutions Architect Intern. Though I managed this internship while working from home entirely, my internship experience was nothing short of AWSome! I found myself contributing to the team’s mission in many ways and learning various things along the way."

      Noorbakht Khan D/O Mohammad Ayub Khan, Junior, Meridian Junior College alumnus

    • "One of the highlights of my 16-week internship at CGH is the opportunity to network and work together with many healthcare professionals and community organisations. I also learnt from the SUTD Social Urban Research Groupe (SURGe) how architects collect data of their target population. I developed an online survey to better understand the spaces that Tampines residents use and partnered Northeast Community Development Council to reach out to almost 200 residents. I then organised and led an on-site mixed-method survey involving almost 60 residents, which was well received."

      Sandy Low Yu Xian, Junior, Tampines Junior College alumnus

    • "During my summer in 2020, I interned at Carousell as a Data Intern under the Growth Team which handles data related requests and projects that impact seller and buyer experience on the platform. On top of assisting product managers and other stakeholders in understanding weekly trends and numbers, I also helped to build pipelines, dashboard and conclude results for product feature A/B experiments. I was also given the opportunity to work on impactful side projects which makes use of machine learning models for predicting and forecasting business metrics."

      Sean Lew Teng Siong, Senior, Dunman High School alumnus

  • PRH-keygrowth

    Aviation, Cities and Healthcare are three of the key national growth priorities.

    To ensure our students will become key contributors to this growth, we have set aside a multi-million dollar budget that allows a development of a suite of integrated, multi-disciplinary programmes.

  • PRH-startupNovocall

    SUTD startup Novocall bags $500k in 500 Startups-led round

    Entrepreneurship @ SUTD

    Here in SUTD, we embrace a melting pot of diverse backgrounds with different approaches to life and ideals. As such, we strive to provide a safe and conducive environment that caters to the needs of the entire community.

    • Active learning with 11:1 student to faculty ratio

    • Gender diverse environment with 40% female cohort

    Diversity and Inclusion

  • Global Exposure

    The world is their classroom. With over 74 partner universities across 25 countries, we offer various overseas exposure opportunities for our students.

  • In fact, all year 1 students are eligible to apply and participate in the SUTD Freshmore Asian Cross-Curricular Trips (SUTD FACT).

    SUTD FACTGlobal Exchange Programme (GEXP)Summer Programmes
  • PRH-fifthrow

    An education here is not just about developing smarts.

    It’s also about pursuing passion to develop skills outside of classrooms, also known as Fifth Row activities.

    Fifth RowUxOP
  • PRH-collaborativeenvironment

    "At SUTD, we are blessed to have a close relationship with our teaching faculty. Often when we are stuck with questions from a class or a project, seeking help from our professor is always an option. Even if it is at an ungodly hour. I have more than once gotten a reply from Prof Tee Hui at 4am, half an hour after we sent that email."

    Leong Hei Kern, SUTD Alumnus (EPD), Graduate student at ETH Zurich

  • PRH-OverseasOp

    "SUTD has nurtured Ian’s passion and this nurturing of passion is something to be valued. Besides having strong content knowledge, having passion in one’s pursuit of knowledge and life really is the fuel of energy, the foundation for excellence and the first step in everything. 

    Regrets in sending him to SUTD? Not at all, having seen how he has developed and grown over these years."

    Parents of Ian Ho, ESD, Class of 2015
    Project Management Executive, Operations Excellence, Singapore Country Office, DHL Supply Chain

  • Community makes a hostel a home.

    "SUTD hostel makes me feel at home because not only does it have facilities that help us thrive in our studies but also facilities that allow us to have fun. For example, there are recreational rooms where we can play video games on the big TV screen or organise a movie marathon. We also have communal kitchens for those who enjoy."

    Axiom Kosasih, Junior, Anglo-Chinese Junior College alumnus

  • sutd-oh24-og

    SUTD Open House 2024 is here!


    Join us on 24 & 25 Feb - Discover what’s unique about our degree programmes through their all-round showcase with personal consultations, demo & project display, talks & sharing, and interaction with our Heads of Pillars, faculty, staff, alumni and students. Get 1:1 consultations on admissions, scholarships and financial matters. Experience the best of student life, AND NIGHT LIFE at Night Fiesta (24 Feb only)!

  • PRH-successful-smart-future

    Will my child be successful in the smart future?

    Only with an interdisciplinary skill set and out-of-the-box mindset.

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